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Traveling is always an adventure, especially if you want to take your Crochet with you or even if you like to actually Crochet while you’re traveling.

If you’re like the majority of crocheters, you will want to take your yarn, hooks, patterns, scissors, and possibly some additional tools. You could pack all of that in your regular luggage, however travel goes a lot better when you have a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Crochet Bins are perfect as they have the space, pouches and design to keep all of your crochet items organized, intact, and easily accessible for you to get at during your travels. You may even want to get in a little Crochet work while you’re on the plane, train, or bus..

If you do want to crochet while traveling, the Yarn It is the perfect choice.

You can use it in the car on a long trip while someone else is driving. It keeps all your yarn in a nice enclosure and tangle free.

Look for some cool travel size Bins under our ‘Little Bins’ category.

However, for traveling, nothing beats the Soft Case Bins. They are super easy to transport and are the perfect size for crocheting anywhere. You can carry all your hooks with you and they usually come with a separate bag for hooks, scissors and accessories (down side is that sometimes your big hooks may not fit).

Soft Bins are easy to clean as they are usually washer safe (except the ones with the clear plastic, however you can just vacuum or wipe those out with a damp cloth).

Check out lots of great soft bins in both the ‘Soft Case Bins’ and ‘Multi-Functional Bins’ categories.

Our favorite soft case and multi-functional traveling bin is this one

The Stitch Happy Designer Knitting Bag is one of the most affordable crochet project tote bags on the market, and yet it has everything that you could possibly want in an on-the-go craft bag. It has 7 Multi-Use Pockets and an extra large zippered pocket for your crochet supplies.

This tote a little over a foot tall and that big across as well, which allows it to easily carry more than half a dozen average sized yarn skeins.

The shoulder strap is designed to allow you to carry the tote vertically or horizontally, plus there’s an additional carrying strap across the top of the drum, so you can handle this project bag in a number of ways.