Do you want something that will store all of your accessories as well?

We love to have somewhere to store not just our yarn, but all of our hooks and other little crochet items as well.

Several of the bins in our ‘Multi-Functional’ category provide great accessory storing capabilities.

The K1C2 Knit Happy Sto and Go Project Box has been one of our favorites of late just because of how many accessories it will fit and still not take up too much space sitting beside you. It is also compact and light and can fold away easily when not in use.


The ArtBin from Yarn Drum is super great for storing accessories:

This ArtBin from Yarn Drum is a one of the least expensive crochet project tote bags on the market.

It has everything that you could possibly want in an on-the-go craft bag. It has a great crochet hook case attached to the shoulder strap, which is perfect as it keeps your hooks separate from your yarn and is very easy to access.

Though it does come in variety of colors, we love the Raspberry one pictured here. You can carry it vertically or horizontally with the included shoulder strap. There is also an additional carrying strap across the top of the drum which allows you to carry the tote bag in a number of ways.