Size , size , size matters!!!

We have all different types or Crochet Bins and we love the larger bins with the lids so that we can hide our stash of multiple colors of blue (as people are always asking why we need so many colors of blue as they all look the same to them…lol).

If you are like us and can’t even count the number of balls of yarn you have (and like us are sometimes even embarrassed by how many we do have…lol), you will need a lot of big bin’s.

The nice thing about the hard bins is the fact that you can stack many of them on top of each other. Hard bins are also very easy to wipe out and clean.

We have quite a few of these Sterilite 70 Quart Ultra Latch Storage Boxes from Walmart which are the perfect size:


If you really need to store lots, and lots, and lots, then you will love this one. Though it is on the expensive side but you can’t beat this for the number of items that can be stored in it.


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