Do you want a Bin where you can spool the yarn from?

For hard Bins, the ones where the yarn feeds from the side is a great option so that that you can have a place to put your coffee or iPad on top.

Some Bins have double holes where you can have two threads of yarn coming out which is a great option. Your project can then be super thick and you won’t have to worry about spending 20 minutes untangling yarn.

We also like the ones where the yarn pulls out from the top and has nice smooth holes so that the yarn does not fray when pulling it through.

The Bins that you can see through while spooling are nice as you can see how much yarn you have left and when you are close to running out.

You can place your yarn dye lots inside of each section as they usually have a divider. If not, you can paper clip the dye lots on the side.

We have a lot of these spooling Bins in our ‘Multi-Functional’ category as well as several of other categories as well.

Our top Crochet Bin pick favorite for spooling yarn is this “Miles Kimball Knitting Tote Bag”

Although marketed to people who knit, this is a great tote bag for any crocheter as well. It holds six average skeins of yarn that are held inside of clear compartments so that you’re able to easily see where the yarn and color you want is located. The yarn can be thread through several holes in the top so you do not have to remove the yarn from its spot. This tote bag is 12″ high, 15″ wide and 9.5″ deep, making it the largest quite a large bag, however it allows you to can carry a wide range of other craft supplies, pattern books and accessories along with your yarn when you use this tote bag for travel.

We also recently fell in love with this Portable Yarn Organizer by MSR Imports

It is great for spooling as it has a total of 6 holes to spool your yarn from.

Note that you do have to assemble this one before use.