• DESIGNED FOR YOUR NEEDS – ADDITIONAL XL ZIPPER COMPARTMENT is a secure holder for keeping everything together, including accessories, your phone & craft magazine.
  • 7 MULTI-PURPOSE DOUBLE-STITCHED POUCHES KEEP YOUR PROJECTS ORGANIZED and your hooks, needles, most-used tools, and even your glasses at your fingertips! Adjustable removeable strap provides you 3 positions for carrying. Easily portable to and from your craft group!
  • PREVENT SKEINS FROM TANGLING WITH THE SOFT & STURDY INSIDE DIVIDER – Easily organizes 8 – 12 skeins. It can be removed to wash & dry your tote in the machine keeping it looking brand new. Top has 2 slits and 4 holes allowing you to keep drum closed while working – the perfect way to keep out little hands, paws & dust!
  • MADE WITH DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT HIGH QUALITY FABRIC AND SUPERIOR ZIPPERS which have been double stitched with care – NO offensive chemical odors. Stylish polka dot design makes this an ideal gift for your crocheter!
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Crochet Bins Editor Review

This tote is great for traveling.

You can carry a water bottle and a few snacks inside the bag without worry of your yarn coming in contact with your yarn or one of your started projects.

Lots of pockets for crochet hooks and it holds all my patterns, my cell phone and accessories as well. I like that it super easy to travel with and is very stylish to boot .

I like that it has holes on the top to pull up at least four strands of yarn at a time . When not in use it’s super easy to store and I can just wipe it clean, fold it up and place it in one of my big yarn storage units.

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