There is nothing worse that pulling pet hair (or any hair for that matter) out of your yarn. If you have pets, you will definitely want something that keeps all that hair out as well as not having to worry about your little friends running off pulling out all your awesome work.

With pets, you definitely need some Bins with  lids.

Bins with lids are great for a number of reasons, one is the pet item above as well as you should always remember to keep your yarn away from direct sunlight so that fading or discoloration will not occur.

We also like that you can place projects on top of the bin lid or inside without any worries of tangling or anything getting on your projects. They are useful to ensure that no spills get on your yarn and that you always have a place to put your hooks as well.

Bins with lids also ensure that there is always somewhere to put your awesome patterns without worries of them getting wreaked or wet or little people deciding to draw us a beautiful picture on them 🙂

We have a lot of Bin’s with lids to look at in our “Hard Case Bins” category.

Our current  favorite hard case bin’s are these, which are fairly inexpensive and can store a lot of yarn. These are great as they come in the different colors and brighten up your crochet room. The lids snap on easy and they are very sturdy to stack on top of each other.

We also have and love this Sterilite 40 Gallon Wheeled Industrial Tote with wheels:

The wheels and handle make this one very easy to move around when it is full of your crochet yarn or other items,

These are very sturdy, very large and are very highly rated.