Half double crochet with Hopeful Honey

Learn how to half double crochet with Hopeful Honey

by Angie

Olivia from Hopeful Honey has been teaching new crocheters the ropes. This week, she moves on to another must-have building block in the crochet arsenal: the half double (or in UK terms, half trebel) crochet stitch.

Have you met Olivia from Hopeful Honey? She’s been on the blog this month, teaching crochet for beginners. We started off with the slip stitch and learning how to chain, followed by learning how to single crochet (UK double crochet) last week. This week, she’s tackling the half double crochet (UK half trebel) stitch, a medium height stitch that’s a must know in your crochet encyclopedia. Olivia says,

The half double crochet falls in between a single crochet and a double crochet in height, but instead of working off two loops at a time, you draw the yarn through three loops on the hook.

Learn how to bobble stitch

by Angie

Learning new crochet stitches is useful and addictive. If you haven’t discovered this versatile and adorable stitch, read on – learn how to bobble stitch!

Candy Pop Toddlers Poncho Tutorial with Potter&Bloom

by Jenni

Last week we chatted with the lovely Emma of Potter and Bloom to talk about her crochet story, inspiration and future plans. This week she’s back to bring you an exclusive pattern (made just for us) to make this cute and colourful poncho for toddlers (modeled by her very own little one).